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Questions to Queries

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Questions to Queries

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Kris Wenzel
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In this book you learn three simple step you can use to translate your customer's questions into actionable SQL queries.

Questions to Queries teaches you how to "read" a database structure, ask the right questions, and organize your findings into an easy to read SQL query.

After reading this book you'll learn:

  • To produce information you never thought possible.
  • The fool proof system I use to organize my thoughts and quickly create SQL.
  • Methods to uncover your database relationships to make it easier to combine data from different tables.
  • How to recognize a poorly phrased question and what to correct.

Here's what others have said about my book and system:

"It's bloody brilliant! I wish I had this when I first started in university. I just couldn't work it out, then it clicked.” -- Trevor

"Way to boil down some pretty complex thoughts into concepts most people can understand.” -- Bethany

"You're a natural teacher; you make what seems intimidating understandable."-- Ericka

"Most of the time, when someone on a techie forum says that they're about to explain something in plain English, the exact opposite happens. Not so here, that's a really nice explanation. Nice work Kris!” -- Peejay

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